Sunday, 4 May 2014


As of late, I have been emailing the fabulous Orla from 'The Cool Customer'. It was nice as we are the same age with a mutual love for fashion. Orla has been blogging for far longer than me, and is totally more experienced all together. Her ridiculously cute blog started in September 2012, as mine started the following year. Orla's style is relatively different from mine, but with similar quirks. A love for pastels, dungarees and Alexa Chung. 

We decided it would be rather apt to do a collaboration, and this will be my first! What we did was send each a collage (made on Polyvore) that is a brief, visual representation of the others style. She got me down to a T.

As I said, I do have a love for pale colours, but for me, monochrome with plenty of blue is enough to make me happy. The items she chose for this collage fits me well, and I literally want every piece of it, especially those amazing sunglasses.  The corduroy dungaree's and the chunky sandals are also getting my attention. Thank you to Orla for such a lovely set!


Twitter: @thecoolcustomer
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