Saturday, 3 May 2014

April Favourites

1. Asos  2. Givenchy  3.Birkenstocks  4.Birkenstocks

1. Shopjeen  2. Karmaloop  3. Nordstrom 4. Revolve Clothing

Yay! Now that it is officially summer, I now have every excuse to wear my favourite sunglasses of all time! I love these super old sunglasses. They use to be my mum's but as she no longer wants to wear them, they're all mine! I love them and think they look amazing.

After using Herbal Essences for years, I suddenly decided to swap shampoos! I was vey shocked and surprised with the great results from such an affordable shampoo. Herbal Essences just didn't do it for my hair anymore, so I picked up this one. I definitely recommend this lovely shampoo.


That just about concludes my April favourites! So sad to see this month go, it has been truly spectacular. So much better than March! Hope you guys had a good April, and will have a even better May!

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