Saturday, 19 July 2014

3 Picks: American Apparel

American Apparel has been a huge brand for a little while now. They have grown in popularity very quickly, and currently seems the be the 'cool' place to buy clothes. Their very simple, kind of 90's looks have sparked interest with fashionistas all over the world; not just America. They have some very lovely bits and pieces for all styles and ages. Here are my top 5 favourite items from American!

The Grid Print Lolita Set

Colours: Black/White

Price: $88.00/£51.41 
(together, also available separately)

In the very playful cut but very minimal print, this Lolita inspired two-set is a great summer set. On the expensive side, but could be worn many ways. 

Medium Wash High-Waist Jean

Colours: stone wash

Price: $90.00/£52.58

I loved Mom jeans way before they were in fashion, and although I believe Thrift Shops are the best place to get them, if second-hand isn't your jam, then I think American Apparel offer a good substitute. 

Tennis Skirt

Colours: white/black/red/peach/navy/cream (more)

Price: $54.00/£31.55

The rather famous and widely copied Tennis Skirt has been extremely popular over the past few weeks. In my opinion, rather short, but nothing a pair of cycling shorts couldn't handle. 

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