Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Spice up your life

History is a very important part of fashion, because as with every other industry in the world, what we have today was shaped by what others did all those years ago. The Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan era's, all, although a very long time ago, contributed in some way to the fashion industry and how it looks today. 

In more recent years, the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's have all impacted the coming and going trends we have now. Although I'm not a trends person as such, the 1990's are currently the decade to mimic, and its all very understandable. 

The 90's was quite a revolutionary decade. Electronics developed more this decade than anything other decade in the 20th century. The Internet was invented. 90s music also became a standing factor in this history of music, giving us bands such as Nirvana, Oasis and Blur. The fashions were somewhat frowned upon afterwards, but have suddenly come back in vogue as of late. 

The Spice Girls are also one of the most memorable pioneering factors of the 1990's 

No, I'm not quite into it as much as some others who go for the full monty with chocker's, crop tops, and distressed denim, but I have been taking aspects from this great decade to inspire what I've been wearing as of late.

Fashion icons of the 90s include people such as Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Victoria Beckham, Qwen Stefani, all famous for different reasons, but nonetheless very speculated within the media. 

Fashion wise, the 90's held both good and bad aspects, as with any other decade I believe. As I mentioned earlier, crop tops, choker necklaces, and knee highs, and and although are not particularly to my taste, are still loved and worn today.

So the good parts of 90s fashion that I wear on a regular basis are all way aside from the glitter loving, boob-tube wearing, pop culture of that of the late 90s, but more based around the grunge revolution that happened around mid to late 80's, but happily stretching into the next decade. Here, I have put together a few 90's inspired outfits, which in my opinion, you can get away in every day life without looking borderline naff.

As for the items themselves...

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