Friday, 22 August 2014

Primark Autumn/Winter 2014

It is nearing the end of August now, which means as soon as September comes, most of the high-street shops if not already, will be supplied with all the new autumn/winter stock.  Not all that many everyday fashion shops show their new stock until it's official release, or at a press day; especially not online. But Primark have gone above and beyond, and have released the official AW14 campaign on the web.  

Primark has a very shaky reputation. Especially after the recent bad press about the manufacture's working conditions after a worker sewed a message into a garment pleading for help. Although I believe they are working on the matter, I am here to talk purely about the clothes.

The SS14 had some very strong pieces which were extremely affordable and 'non-primarky', although as normal there were quite a few naff pieces which are still in store now, trying to be flogged for a quid or two.

This AW14 collection looks too, like it has quite a few strong pieces, especially in the shoe and outerwear departments. Here are a few pictures of Primark's newest collection.

This fluffy coat above has to be my favourite item of the whole range. It is a direct copy of Topshop's Tea Pea coat which was extremely popular last year. 

The whole collection has some very good individual items which are very impressive within itself, although in my opinion, the collection lacked unity and togetherness. The styling in the photos has many weaknesses, although quite a lot of the clothes were nice.

Quality is often the most common problem with Primark's clothing, which is completely understandable considering the cost of the clothes to make. Although, sometimes, the quality can be too low to even be worth buying. Its hard to tell if these clothes in the pictures are good quality, the only way you can really tell is when they come in store and see them for yourself.

Overall, this collection has some strengths and weaknesses'. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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