Thursday, 28 August 2014

Zipped Up - Flavia La Rocca ''The Folded Looks

Reversible, interchangeable, and transforming fashion can sometimes be a gimmick; old and borderline naff. This is what I thought until I found a designer called Flavia La Rocca who's collection of 'zippable' fashion called 'The Folded Looks' caught my eye. The concept itself is hard to put into words, but this video of the collection makes it all that much easier to understand.

Flavia's core principle is to create clothes that can take the everyday woman from day to night through the use of multiple hidden zips within a garment. This could be very clunky, but this collection is completely seamless. The process and versatility of these pieces is flawless and genius; I can't believe no-one has not attempted to succeed in the 'interchangeable fashion' as well as Flavia beforehand. 

The way the pieces, bands, strips and pleats are all made mean it is completely down to you on what you can great. For example, with the same three garments, you can make many different items. You can change the length, the hem, the straps, meaning the you can choose exactly what sort of dress, playsuit, jumpsuit, top or skirt you want; the possibilities are endless.

The items of clothing themselves are very simple and minimalist. But the hidden complexity and depth within the capabilities of what a one dress could be - means it is completely and utterly unique despite the somewhat vague colour range. And if you are a colour fanatic, be not downcast - Flavia has brought out many other collections with the same concept with vast colour and pattern variations. 

In conclusion, Flavia La Rocca has a very unique and genius idea, which she has fulfilled seamlessly. To see more collections from Flavialarocca, here are her links:

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