Friday, 24 October 2014

Ladies First: Chanel SS15 Show Review

First and foremost, I must sincerely apologise for my lack of posts. I would say that only now I have got back into the swing of school. But being that it is now half-term, I hope to be posting a few more things during this week.

The fashion weeks are long over now, but the shows and the clothes have not left our memories. Of the four prominent fashion weeks, Paris is my favourite. I feel they Paris is still the fashion capital, and despite being English, I think the Parisian's have a slight edge on the Londoners. The most looked forward to show of maybe even the whole fashion month, was Chanel's show. Chanel is without a doubt the most famous brand in high-end luxury fashion, always conveying an image of elegance, forward thinking, yet overshadowed with heritage.

Chanel's ss15 show completely and utterly blew me, and I'm sure the majority of the fashionista's all over the world, out of the water. This show, to me, will stick out in the memory for years to come. I thought Chanel's aw14 show was amazing, but this was something else.

The first aspect of the show I will talk about is the layout. They had made the Grand Pailais, Paris, look like a Parisian Avenue, decking it with huge theatres sets looking like houses and the floor was made to look like a road. Chanel, as always, paid immense attention to even the smallest of things to make this look realistic, even going to the extremes of making puddles on the pavement. To add to this marvel, the building it is in is lovely enough as it is. Combined, made one the most beautiful yet extravagant fashion show sets I've ever seen.

The second thing I will talk about, is of course the reason we are here, the clothes. The models were decked out in slouchy suit made of colourful and garish tweed of browns, lilacs, pinks and reds, with the appearance of some grey and green. The outfits came across mismashed, but in the best possible way to say the least. They were casual and quirky, while still holding the couture ambiance Chanel radiate.

It was coloursful and gordy to say the least, but presented in such a laid back and fun way, that itstill pulled of a certain amount of charm.

As the clothes are normally my favourite part of a show, I would leave it for last, but this was not the case this time.  The presentation, layout and thought process impressed me more than the clothes in this show ever will. The show was based around the feminist movement, promoting of equality of both genders and abolishing typical women stereotyping.

The show started off quite differently to most shows. The model arrangement was scattered, and casual; models walking down casually talking to the model beside them. After that, the models walked down in bigger groups, and I think it was then that the audience realised something big was going to happen. Then, the grand finale: the final walk.

All the models came storming through this mock Parasian street, bearing sign's of feminist slogans like 'Ladies First' and 'History is Her Story'. The few of the models, such as Cara Delivinge held loud speakers while shouting: this was a protest, in the most brilliant way.

Fashion can come across a quite a shallow and vain thing, therefore, I absolutely when socialism, human rights and politics comes into it. Being a feminist myself, I loved this show because of the core ethics behind this show.

Feminist or not, I think everyone can appreciate this show as being unique, empowering, and a breath of fresh air from the everyday fashion show.

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