Friday, 21 November 2014

5 Trends that are Back for Winter '14

Autumn/Winter 2013 brought us some lovely gems on the runways and on the high street. It was the best winter season for many years in general for the fashion industry. Although I certainly to not always follow the common trends and fads, it is clear to see that a few things have returned to A/W14. 

The cut-out boot was made very popular by high-end fashion house Balenciaga last year with those amazing patent leather boots, pictured above (first). With a product as loved and coveted by many, soon all the high-street shops took the idea and have run with it this year. Topshop, Missguided, and even Primark have made their own versions, all of which are indeed very impressive. 

It goes by many names, such as the polo and roll neck, but the turtle neck has come back again this year, bigger and better than ever! These high-neck garments have always been popular in one era or with one age group from one time to another, and it just so turns out the loved polo neck has hit the highstreets again this winter.

Tartan was probably the most remembered trend of winter last year, and it has returned for sure. Not particularly in the classic red and green print, but definitely in sister-pattern checks and gingham. I've seen many beautiful tartan skirts out and about, therefore, I would have to put them on the list of returning winter trends for AW14!

The fedora, wide-brimmed, and any felt hat in any form has come storming back this year. I am defiantly not a hat person, but I have seen many people rocking these classic hats, especially bloggers, this year after their rise to popularity last year. They're not particularly a winter item exclusively, but are good for the rainy weather here in Britain! 

This rather androgynous jacket, made popular in the late 80's and early 90's, appeared in some luxury's brands AW13campaign last year. This year, nearly every high-street shop has been selling their version, and not just in the mens departments. Check, floral, waterproof, leather - you name it, its out there! I'm sure every one can find their perfect casual jacket in this cool piece. 

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