Friday, 6 September 2013

Me, Myself and Fashion

I am back from my holiday, and quite honestly, I am really feeling the post-holiday blues. It was a really nice time away, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I realised a nice post, with pics of course, would be a more suiting way to introduce myself back into the routine of blogging, but that is shortly on the way.

When I was at the tender age of six years old, I became interested in fashion. I'm not sure what it was, but something just clicked. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but suddenly, I became absolutely, totally, obsessed-with fashion. While other girls were in the playground jumping rope, and playing the odd game of kiss chase, I was dreaming about designing and drawing my own fashion creations; rather queer, for a six year old girl. When I was that age, I loved getting dressed. I was really interested in the average, everyday, wearable wardrobe. For me, the catwalks felt so far away. I use to see the latest fashions and shows online and think  ''Who would wear that?! It's totally bonkers!" As I got a lot older, I felt like, if I wanted to be a success in the fashion industry, I must love and appreciate the crazy and bizarre things on some of fashions most prestigious names catwalk: so I did. I went along with it thinking, it was fashion, and I was being so naive for thinking it was barmy. Now, I realise that the simple outlook on life from the perspective of a six year old, probably had some truth in it.Who draws the line from a cleverly designed, thought provoking outfit and a completely insane splash of colour draped on a model? Should a line be drawn? How? and When?If you are looking for a well written, highly knowledgeable, and completely ridden with the sort of things that are on the catwalk sort of a blog, I'd leave now. This sort of fashion is not my thing, and quite frankly, I think it is obscuring the view of the very basics and guidelines of fashion, and elegance. I bet by now you are thinking I'm a very boring, and critical fashion blogger, but on. I do firmly believe that art is anything you can get away with, but I honestly think that fashion should be a wearable,  (relatively) cost effective process that is free to be enjoyed by all. I think the fashion generation of the future, needs to pull their eyes back to the fundamental rules that Coco, Christian, and others alike set us all those years ago. I guess I am a firm believer of seeing fashion as a clever, colour scheming, riveting and inspirational subject that can be expressed in our everyday lives-not a foreign subject that few can pull off, let alone afford. I am by no means condemning every high fashion designer, gosh no! There is so much young talent out there, which is so exciting to see, and personally I think that is what we should be focusing on, not some peculiar and atypical designer who just got lucky. 

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