Friday, 28 February 2014


It's funny how all four of the fashion weeks are different. Anybody not interested in fashion would be tempted to say they're all the same, but how wrong can they be? Each has their own flare, their own twist, their own taste; their own style. Paris seems to offer the most history based week caked in heritage and tradition while still staying modern and dare I say edgey.

Issey Miyake's new AW14 collection was shown at Paris fashion week, and I was surprised, and I'm still trying to figure out why. The collection in itself is not out of the brands usual characteristics. You know, geometric patterns, flouncy cuts, oversized, the regulars, But I've never really been a fan, and have always found Miyake in the 'okay' realm in my opinion. I'm certain that's down to my taste, but this time something changed. I'm not sure if that's because my taste has changed, I've opened my eyes, or they just brought out a spectacular collection, either which, one of them has persuaded me to love that company from now on.

I'm all for one for mixing and matching styles. One combination I love is matching the huge world of high-end of luxury with a more light-hearted theme of fun. I think Miyake's newest collection did that, and I think they did it well. The fun prints with the cropped coat in outfit four worked well as it was mixing patterns, textures, styles and colours. I also love the texture of that aqua top, I just want to feel it, and see what it's made of. It, and the whole collection for that matter, was so crisp. I love it when it looks crisp, but not in the obvious white with plenty of sharp lines. I prefer it when it's subtle, and this collection showed that. As for my 'okay realm', that's changed. It's leaped into my 'love' category, and that's isn't done easy for me. The whole collection impressed me, and normally theirs as least something I don't like in a collection, but not this time. I loved it all.

Images: (via Fashion156)

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