Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What to do when you have a..?

This title perhaps might sound a tad misleading. believe it or not, this is a decor post. My room is  a bit odd in proportions. It's medium size, with a tiny window in the top corner, it has a dark wood door. The main problem is it's quite dark because of that stupid window. Most rooms have at least something a bit strange about it, that's life. Like my cousin had this glorious, light room with the most amazing massive bay window, but her room had a shower in the corner. One of my friends has a lovely sized room, but has jet black carpet. Most rooms have something you'd change in it, but maybe you don't have the bucks. If so, there's many ways of improving the situation.

What to do when you have a...

Tiny Window

I thought I'd star with one I suffer from. A big thing here is to not have thick, heavy curtains, or even better, don't have any. If having none is a problem, go for something like lace, or a light sheet of chiffon. If you avoid heavy curtains, there won't be anything blocking the light, or anything attracting the eyes to the window. Its annoying, but by doing this, it will help a lot.

Patterned Carpet

Well, if this is the only thing wrong with your room, you're lucky. A) Nobody looks at the carpet. It's the floor at the end of the day. If you have ridiculously patterned carpet, the best thing is to not have any other bright patterns in your room. Paint all the walls white, and have pretty cushions and colourful art. It's a real pain I imagine, but most houses have removed those hideous 70's carpets by now.

Brick Wall

See, if I were you, I'd be extremely happy. I love brick wall. If I could have one, I definitely would. But I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea, therefore there are things you can do. You could buy a wall tapestry which would cover it up (be it it's not huge) and will add a lovely image of your choice.  Also if you have a red brick wall, paint it white. I love love love white brick walls, i think they look gorgeous, but if not white, don't paint it at all. But in all honesty, don't be miffed, you have a lovely wall, I tell you.

Bad View

This is a tough one as there's nothing you can do. If its really bad, have a lace curtain and keep it drawn at all times. Apart from that, you must learn to love it. 

A Fireplace

Yet again, I would love to be lucky enough to have a fireplace. If you have a fireplace that can no-longer be in use, there are plenty of things you can do. You can fill it up with chopped wood, or you can insert a nice bit of art. You can mosaic the foot of the fireplace too which can look amazing. And if its the mantle piece you hate, you can get them dirt cheap from places such as recycling centers and junk shops.

Floor Boards

I love floorboards, but I understand that in a bedroom/sitting room they can be a tad uncomfy. The obvious thing to do is buy a fluffy rug and decent pair of slippers. Beyond that, learn to love the feel and look of distressed oak floorboards, yum.

I think I've covered most basis here, and if you have any more, feel free to email me to ask me about it! Hope this post came in handy.

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