Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Chanel's latest Appearence

Obviously, I don't write about every fashion show at all four of the fashion weeks. Not only would that be a long and tiresome task, I'm not sure my writing of blog would come out any wiser, and I'm almost certain that would retract from the posts I do write. But, when Chanel, what some people may call the brand at the top of the fashion chain, brings out a new collection, I can't pass the offer to write about it when the subject is hot on the press.  Most people in the industry will bow the head and hale Chanel as a very influencing, and a real core part of the nowadays fashion brands and companies, and there is very few who done right hates or despises the brand at all. Chanel, because of its history and heritage, could get away with nearly anything without being controversial, just because it's Chanel.

The thing I love about Chanel's style, Chanel's shows and Karl, is that they're flash, new and innovative, without be brash and borderline gimmicky. It would be a lie if I said this show was any different. The last show SS14 was in that empty white room with the many Chanel influenced pieces  of art with plenty of logos scattered around. As always, I knew this show would be completely different to the last one, but grocery store was not on the top of my guessing list. All I can say about the set is that it's probably the most plush supermarket I've ever seen. Apparently, over 500 brands of groceries were made and labelled with the famous Chanel logo, ranging from things such as juice to detergent. The models strutted through the aisles of the supermarket pushing trolleys and holding basket-like handbags like they were on a mission to find beans at the local Tesco, but just in the most high-quality, luxury clothes that probably cost more that your car. As you know, this is a fashion blog, and as much as I'd love to write about the set all day long, I must restrain myself.

The clothes themselves held the history and heritage of Chanel, y'know, the tweed jackets with the pockets and the frayed trims, but in the pale shades of lilac and baby pink, thrown in with crop tops (sported by the lovely Cara Delevingne) and long felt coats. But, as with most AW collections, black was a prominent colour, but mixed with geometric patterns and well woven, thick fabrics. Yet again, sport trainers and tennis shoes made their appearance, similar to the ones in the Chanel 2013 Couture show. Not only those, but long, knee length boots with crisscross laces up the front was also included in the collection. Ninety's gear such a pink sweat pants and ridiculously shiny leggings were also in the collection, which weren't my favourite pieces, but still nice and definitely in keeping with the theme.With bold prints, bobble sweaters,and more kinds of tweed than at the local shooting meet, this show impressed, as usual.

I don't think there was a theme as such, but the 'Queen visits the gym' luxe seems to fit the bill. The combination of the sporty leggings, structured jackets, and plenty of bright patterns and textures were pulled together by the Chanel Shopping Center store, made a collection that although Chanel-esque, different in its own right.

Photos via MarieClaire

Photos Via Fashion156

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