Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Primark S/S15 Lookbook & Preview Event

As the new fashion season quickly approaches, so the new high-street collections are released. I have said this many times, I am a huge fan of Primark. I can understand many avoid it at all costs, but for the most part its a very affordable shop that can at least guarantee the items to last for a season or two. 

Personally, I have a one rule when shopping in Primark that others may find useful. 1. Avoid statement pieces. A check coat or a sparkly dress, as nice as they are, are probably not the ideal items to be buying from a shop such as Primark. Times and times again I have seen the awkward faces of two passer by's as they walk past each other and notice they are both modelling the same item of clothing. Therefore, for me at least, I avoid anything to long, or patterned. In my opinion, Primark is wonderful for basics, simple staples, jewellery, shoes, pyjamas and lingerie, but for statement 'trendy' pieces, I personally give it a miss. 

The lookbook and styling Primark has released is the best way of figuring out the overall style and trends the store is going for this season. From these four pictures alone, quite a lot is clear. 


1. Futuristic Fury

Reflective sunglasses, platform sandals, and holographic prints are going to dress the Primark stores around Britain this season.

2. Oriental Origins

Bright, beautiful, and clashing patterns will also be a repeating trend throughout Primark's next season. Matching two-pieces, caked with a bold and floral print will be one of Primark's more statement pieces being released. 

3. Monochromatic Madness

Although you can't tell from these pictures, from looking at some other photos online, there will be a recurring theme of monochrome, a.e, black and white, possibly grey. Personally, this is the most frequent reoccurring factor in my wardrobe. So, having more monochrome clothes out there, the better!

                                                                                                                                                                              (from primark.com)

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